Department of Quality Control

The purpose of Negarin’s Quality control is to evaluate the quality of products and interact with customers and suppliers.

Why do we need a quality control ?

By applying quality control on products, we witness the estimation of the needs of our customers, which in this life leads to gaining their trust in us and also increases the goodwill of the company, and ultimately a quality product leads to customer satisfaction.

Quality products naturally lead to attracting more customers and retaining current customers and thus increase sales.

The main tasks of the quality control of Negarin are to monitor the spectators in each stage of production, the most important are:

  • The production line of manufacturers in such a way that in each stage of production of goods in terms of appearance and performance is monitored.
  • Inspect how the goods are placed in the container for shipment
  • Request samples from manufacturers for testing
  • Check the quality of product packaging
  • Check the leveling and cutting of Plates
  • performance and compatibility